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Roy E. Smith is Culver City, CA plumbing company that believes no job is too small or too large. No matter what the issue is, we believe that it requires similar attention to find a solution. This is why our company has been able to win the trust of many customers all over West Los Angeles. In addition to that, we are also equipped with the wisdom of working for nearly 70 years and with this experience we have learned every trick in the book to provide a proper solution.

Ever since our establishment, we have tried our best to provide quality plumbing solutions to customers who put their faith in us. We provide plumbing for industrial, residential and commercial areas. Moreover, we also cover construction and remodeling because we understand some cases require that. However, our services are not limited because we also do installments for bathtubs, toilets, faucets and more.

Our Culver City, California operating plumbing company covers a lot that concern the overall maintenance of a buildings plumbing. We try to incorporate as many brands that suit various customers needs so that anyone can satisfied and find the right fit for their building. Whether it is for your house or office, you can find the equipment through Roy E. Smith that will be suit your building.

Roy E. Smith Plumbing Co Inc
Normal Hours Of Operation: 8:00AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri 
Emergency Hours Of Operation: 24/7(increased rate applies for after hours/holidays and weekends)

Phone: (310) 398-8855 (BEST METHOD OF CONTACT)
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (310) 398-8801
Address: 12320 Palms Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066
Lic #179873

Besides that, we handle pipe repair, gas line services, drain unclogging, heater repair, shower repair, emergency plumbing and more. Our Culver City CA plumbing services will be there for you any time you call us. If there is flooding or emergency cases that need our help, we will be more than happy to control and solve it for you. Our professional staff has proper training in dealing with all problems regarding plumbing so that you are satisfied with the final results.

It is also important to add that Roy E. Smith believes in long term solutions over temporary fix. Instead of using products to control the problem for the time being, we make changes that will last. This will save you money in the long run as well. Along with this, we also use electric detectors in some cases to get to the root of the problem. We will not demand unnecessary replacements or work because we know that our reputation is more valuable than a quick buck. When we gain a customer we intend to keep them with us for many years to come. By finding the actual problem accurately, we will be able to solve it with help of our expertise and strategies that are well-suited for each problem.

Doing Affordable Plumbing Work In Culver City CA for Decades

When in need, you can call our Culver City CA plumbing services whenever there is a problem in your building. Whether it is emergency drain unclogging or installation of equipment for maintenance, we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

We can provide customers with any equipment that they prefer. Our goal is to help customers, solve plumbing problems and provide affordable products to people. Our professional attitude towards each problem, efficiency and quality of work has allowed us to become one of the most trusted and competitive plumbing companies around Culver City, CA.

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