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There are many reasons to choose smartly when it comes to plumbing services. However, Roy E. Smith is a Beverly Hills, CA operating plumbing company that will turn things around for you. We have served for nearly 70 years which naturally improves our expertise in the field of plumbing. We are a Beverly Hills plumbing company that will look after any issues that you are facing in a private or commercial building. We have a staff of trained workers who will find root cause of persisting problems and find adequate solutions as well.

Roy E. Smith is a Beverly Hills, California operating company that offers a wide range of services. We will take care of laboratory and commercial remodeling aswell so that anyone can use our services. Our goal is to provide a diverse range of services at affordable prices.

At Roy E. Smith, Beverly Hills, CA we make use of electronic leak and sewer detection so it increases the accuracy of our work. Instead of reconstructing everything, we will get it right.

Similarly, we focus heavily on long term solutions for our customers. We are aware that poorly handled leakages and other plumbing issues can be troublesome and expensive in the long run. Therefore, we ensure that we use strategies that will take care of the problem for a long time. Our staff is specially trained to deal with every problem with professional attitude and expertise which further guarantees satisfaction.

Roy E. Smith Plumbing Co Inc
Normal Hours Of Operation: 8:00AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri 
Emergency Hours Of Operation: 24/7(increased rate applies for after hours/holidays and weekends)

Phone: (310) 398-8855 (BEST METHOD OF CONTACT)
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (310) 398-8801
Address: 12320 Palms Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066
Lic #179873

In addition to that, our Beverly Hills, California plumbing company energy management, water heater service, water jetting, fire sprinklers among other services. We have affordable products from various brands that expand your options. We know that you have preferences and budgets so it is our priority to provide you what you are looking for.

Roy E. Smith offers 24/7 emergency assistance which means you can call us anytime you want to. If you are facing a problem, need installments or repairs etc. we will make sure that we are able to provide you service as soon as possible. Our company has been running since 1949 which means that we have perfected our skills and treatment for the most satisfactory results. It is an essential component of our work ethics to provide customers with affordable and long-term solutions.

Doing Reliable Plumbing Work In Beverly Hills CA for Decades

Furthermore, Roy E. Smith also provides drain installation, gas line services, pipe installation, faucet installation, drain cleaning etc. Whether it is for a private building, house, commercial building, office or etc. you can use our Beverly Hills, CA plumbing services any time. If there is flooding or other plumbing emergency that you are facing, you can contact us. 

We have earned our trust through dedication towards profession because we believe every type of work requires equal amounts of effort. Our professional values combined with our work will be useful for anyone in Beverly Hills, California who wants assistance or solutions for plumbing issues in their building.

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