Plumbing In Bel Air

There can be a plumbing emergency at any time. Whether it is your home or commercial space, you cannot afford to ignore it. This is why Roy E. Smith believes that you should always have professional plumbing done so you can rest assured there is no margin of error left for further damage. Roy E. Smith offers a number of services for instance sewer replacements, energy management, water jetting, and sewer locating and so on. Roy E. Smith is a Bel Air, California operating Plumbing Company with professional work ethic and professional equipment to perform the job. Plumbing in Bel Air CA is our specialty.

When it comes to plumbing, you should pick our Bel Air, CA operating company that has professional experience along with detailed knowledge of how to handle different cases with expertise. Roy E. Smith plumbing has been operating for the past 70 years which has added to our experience and expertise to deal with various plumbing and installing issues.

In addition to that, we believe that no job is too small or too large. When it comes to work, we know that work ethic is what counts the most and therefore everything should be tackled as such. We make sure that each case gets our undivided attention for long-term solutions for plumbing issues at your home, commercial building or workplace.

Roy E. Smith Plumbing Co Inc
Normal Hours Of Operation: 8:00AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri 
Emergency Hours Of Operation: 24/7(increased rate applies for after hours/holidays and weekends)

Phone: (310) 398-8855 (BEST METHOD OF CONTACT)
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (310) 398-8801
Address: 12320 Palms Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066
Lic #179873

Affordably Priced Plumbing In Bel Air

There are many things which set our plumbing apart such as finding out the root problem so that we are able to completely solve the issues. We believe that when it comes to plumbing, a proper solution will benefit you in the future. Rather than trying to temporarily fix the problem we perform long-term plans. Moreover, we want to provide affordable prices to our customers so anyone can afford them. Within budget, you will be able to hire us for repair in the building any time there is an issue. We combine efficient work with affordable service to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Roy E. Smith in Bel Air, CA also runs a 24/7 service so you can contact us in case of emergency at any time of the day. Whether it is day or night, we will be there as soon as you get in touch. Therefore another reason that you can trust our company to solve any plumbing issues for you. We work with brands, makes and models of all types and price ranges that allow you to choose products that you trust within the budget that you have. Therefore, you will have complete control over the issue as we solve it for you. Feel free to check out our FB.

Our Bel Air Plumbing services are available for anyone 24/7. Roy E. Smith is responsive, responsible and more importantly, professional in dealing with all cases that are received. We have efficient staff who will detect the root of any problem that you are facing and repair it for you as soon as possible. Furthermore, our long-term solutions will be worth the money that you spend because we will ensure that things are fixed to the highest degree. If you are located in Bel Air, you can contact Roy E. Smith any time of the day when you need our assistance.

Roy E. Smith Plumbing. The emergency plumber for santa monica, venice and west LA

Plumber Service Areas

Roy E. Smith Plumbing Co Inc service areas are: 

| Brentwood CA | Bel Air CA | Beverly Hills CA | Beverlywood CA | Culver City CA | Century City CA | Cheviot Hills CA | Fox Hills CA | Mar Vista CA | Marina Del Rey CA | Ocean Park CA | Pacific Coast Highway CA | Pacific Palisades CA | Playa Del Rey CA | Santa Monica CA | Sawtelle CA | Venice CA | Westchester CA | West Los Angeles CA | Westwood CA |


Roy E. Smith Plumbing. The emergency plumber for santa monica, venice and west LA

Residential Services

New Installations & Remodeling. Maintenance & Repairs. 24 Hour Emergency Service!(increased rate applied for after business hours service).  Work Troubleshooting References Available.  We work with All Brands, All Makes, and All Models and All Price Ranges-Foreign and Domestic. We handle heating, clogs, leaks, flooding, pools, boilers, sewers, irrigation/sprinklers, toilet/tub/shower/lavatory/faucet installation, fire sprinklers, earthquake valves, water drainage, garbage disposals, water heaters, sump pumps, water filtration systems  and more.

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